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How does water temperature effect crappie?

Does the temperature of the water change the behavior of Crappies?

How should my crappie fishing change as the clarity of the water changes?

I’ve been told that the clarity of the water changes how you should fish for Crappie. Can you provide a brief explanation of the differences?

What is crack fishing?

What is “crack fishing”?

What’s the difference between pulling and trolling?

I’ve heard a couple of Crappie fishermen use the term “pulling” as opposed to “trolling” what’s the difference?

How can I catch bigger crappie?

I can usually pull in quite a few Crappie when I’m out but I’d really like to catch the “big one”. Is there anything that I can do to increase the size of the Crappie I catch?

What time of year should I fish crappie?

What is the best time of year to fish for Crappie?

What is Crappie?

What is a Crappie?
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