Crappie Jigs

Jigs are the most popular artificial bait for crappie fishing for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that jigs never die and do not have to be replaced each time you catch a fish. Plus, jigs make it simple to just change the body, rather then having to tie on a new head each time. This helps if you want to try a new combination.

When you are fishing with jigs, you must give your jigs plenty of movement. The idea behind artificial bait to replicate living bait as much as possible. When you place a minnow on a hook, the minnow will swim around under the bobber, actually enticing the fish to bite it. You can accomplish this type of movement by slowing twitching and moving your rod. The tail and body of the jig will mimic live bait.

In fairly clear water, the smaller the jig the better, as the fish do not have as much trouble seeing it. A white or yellow hair jig seems to work best. It is a little more bulky in the stained water and easier for the crappie to find. In the dingiest water, a chartreuse jig with a red head has worked best for me. The rule of thumb is: the darker the water, the brighter type of jig you need.

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