Crappie Night Fishing

Slow trolling and vertical fishing tend to be the most productive tactics to use in crappie night fishing under most circumstances. However, if this doesn’t work for you, simply try drifting with several lines out at various depths, just as you would during the day.

In some ways, however, crappie night fishing is a whole different ballgame from daytime fishing because you lack the visibility of the areas you are trolling and need to know the waters well. You could hire a guide your first few times out, but if you choose not to, you should be certain that you have a compass and know the waters well, avoiding areas where you could bottom out with a deep boat and shallow waters and brushpiles that are too thick and cause your lures to get caught.

For most avid anglers, crappie night fishing is an experience that will eventually be had and greatly enjoyed, assuming that it is done correctly and the event is fruitful. Be sure that, when fishing at night, you have more than one person in the boat – crappie night fishing is not a solo sport. Also, take plenty of flashlights and extra batteries so that when you decide to return to shore you have plenty of light to assist you in your journey.

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