Crappie Fishing in Texas

As mentioned above these are just a few of the many lakes and reservoirs located in Texas where you can have a lot of success crappie fishing. The state record for black crappie was caught in LakeFork and Navarro Mills Lake is where the state record for white crappie was caught.

Tips and Techniques for Texas Crappie Fishing

There are several techniques that can be used to catch crappie inTexas that will work very well. The four main methods of fishing for crappie are trolling, drifting, casting and still-fishing. The best bait to use would be jigs, lures and live bait such as minnows, worms and insects. It is important to keep your live bait in a cooler to keep it fresh during the entire fishing trip.

In the early morning and late evening you can find the crappie in water as shallow as five to ten feet. They will go deeper when the sun is heating up the water so you will need to start fishing around twenty-five feet to find them and have the most success. Crappies are normally found in the deeper waters during the night as well.

The crappie spawn in the spring and this is the time when you can catch the most fish in the shortest amount of time. You will find them gathered together anywhere they can find cover. This would be where trees, branches and stumps are in the water and around ledges, rocks and all types of artificial covers. As the season moves on into summer you will need to move into the deeper water to find the most crappie.

In the fall the crappie will be found in the shallow to moderate depths when fishing early mornings and late evenings. Doing the hottest part of the day they will move out to deeper water. During the winter the crappie are less active and have a tendency of gathering in groups deeper in the water than they will be during any other season.

When crappie fishing in Texas you will have so many options that you will never get bored and you will always have a new exciting place to go. The weather can change quickly in many areas of Texas so be prepared and check for any possibilities of storms before going out. You wouldn’t want to be caught out in the middle of one of these bodies of water in the middle of a thunder storm.

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