Crappieusa Kids Rodeos

The Crappie USA kid’s rodeo is a fishing tournament for children from age 0 to 12. They have various age divisions up to 7 and then from 8 to 12. All kids get something for participating and there are great prices for the overall winners. These activities are to help promote family activities that are affordable. This isn’t something that you have to pay a ton of money for. Going to the amusement parks can be hundreds of dollars and not nearly as much fun.
They are also part of promoting for families to be part of environmental conservation efforts. This attraction has grown dramatically from very small to one that is well known and that is continually adding new features. There are more children in the tournament than in the adult competitions. The kids have a great time, and they don’t want to go home when it is all over with. This could be the start of your family enjoying plenty of fishing experiences together in the future.

All children do have to be accompanied by an adult. This is a great opportunity for family fun that is inexpensive. Many households have been suffering from the poor economy, and this offers an opportunity to get something great without worrying about the cost of it. This type of fishing can also get kids interested in the environment and fishing for the rest of their lives. They will be also be inclined to take part in fishing tournaments in the future. Too many adults feel intimidated so they don’t do it. Children that have good experiences though will be able to join them as an adult without any hesitation.

Too often, children are in the house with the electronics. You can get them away from all of it though when they go to the Crappie USA kid’s rodeo. This is a great chance for them to get to meet other kids from around the area too. There aren’t enough good things to say about this overall set up. This type of event can also teach your children about being a good sport. There are too many stories out there these days about that not happening. Encourage your childen to have fun – not to focus on if they get any fish or not.

Your children don’t need to be expert fisherman or have the best equipment either. It is all about fun. It is all about learning so that they are able to take part in the sport with excitement. It is a great adventure and the way that their eyes light up when they reel in a crappie is amazing. It will be something that the entire family is happy to be involved with.

Many households have made the Crappie USA kid’s rodeo an annual event. If you are interested in finding out their stories, you can read about them online. You will find story after story shared by parents, children, and even grandparents about such events. As you learn more about it, you will be highly motivated to get your own children or grandchildren involved.

You can get your family signed up for the Crappie USA kid’s rodeo on their website. They have activities all over the USA too so you will be able to find plenty out there to take part in close to home. There is no charge for the kids to participate. There are great prizes offered though due to the many big name sponsors.

There are scholarships too that are offered to the top winners overall in the entire state. Imagine your child being able to get money for college based on having a great time out there Crappie fishing.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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