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How to find the best crappie fishing clubs in your area

Joining a crappie club has many advantages for anyone who enjoys fishing for this species. You have the chance to be around others that love fishing for crappies as much as you do. It gives you the opportunity to share stories and talk about your fishing adventures with others who understand how it feels to reel in a nice catch. You can share fishing secrets and learn new techniques and different tactics [...]

Texas crappie record – what is it? how was it caught?

One of the most sought out game fish in Texas is the crappie. This small fish gets lots of attention because it’s fun and entertaining to catch them. Since they only average around one or two pounds, you don’t need any special gear to fish for this species and this makes them perfect for the beginner angler. They may be a small species but they’re a very active one that will put up [...]

Five fishing techniques to try when using a cocahoe minnow

Fishing is a sport enjoyed by men, women and kids of all ages. It’s fun, exciting and relaxing all at the same time. It will fit into anyone’s budget because you spend as much or as little on your gear as you want. Cocahoe minnows are a baitfish that many anglers use to catch all types of species but the speckled trout are especially fond of this particular bait. Cocahoe minnows go by other [...]

How to hook a crappie minnow

The minnow is one of the most popular baits used today and all types of anglers fish with them. This little baitfish attracts many fish species and the crappie is no exception. Crappies love minnows and will usually strike at them even when they’re being picky. A live minnow wiggling around in the water makes a great meal for crappies but they’re not too fond of dead minnows, which is why [...]

What is a crappie derby?

A crappie derby can be a great deal of fun, and also a challenge. It can be something you do alone or a great family outing. Many of them have divisions for children as well as adults. It can be a time for bonding and for meeting new people. The best part is that they aren’t expensive and that means you can have some great outdoor fun without breaking your budget. A crappie derby is a wonderful [...]

5 Tips for selecting the right crappie guides

Finding the right crappie guide is vital to the experience you will have. There are some that are very professional, fun, and they can take you to the ideal locations. Others unfortunately have old equipment and they aren’t very good at communicating. They don’t really know much about this type of fishing, but they do have a boat and they know people will want to hire someone to take them [...]

Why you want to join a crappie club

You may have heard talk about different types of fishing clubs and thought to yourself “what exactly do they do that I can’t do on my own?” or maybe your thought pattern went more along the lines of ‘Why would I want to join a fishing club?’ Well, here you can find the answers to those questions and much more. Crappie clubs are for people who love to go fishing for this [...]

How to raise fathead minnows

Being a successful catfish farmer takes time, effort, and a strategy. Some people do it as a side source of income. Others though want it to be on a large scale and it will become their only source of income. Profits are what you have left from the money you bring in minus the expenses. With that in mind, you need to keep your overhead low and plenty of money coming in. The start up costs for catfish [...]

Best places in the world for crappie fishing

Everyone loves casting their fishing line into the water and pulling out a crappie. They’re fun to catch and it doesn’t require any special gear or preparation to catch them. For this reason, anyone can fish this species so it offers great fun for the whole family. Crappies are the perfect species for new fishermen because they’re small and fairly easy to catch but at the same time, [...]

Five fishing secrets to become a crappie master

A lot of the time, catching any fish depends more on what you know, than luck. Crappie are no different. There are many tricks-of-the-trade involved in fishing. Learning them can go a long way towards helping you fill your creel. The first trick I use is a double-rig (also known as a fish-finder rig). It evolved from commercial longliners in their search for Bluefin Tuna. Scaled down, it is a very [...]

Make your own crappie tube

Soft plastic tube baits are one of the most effective lures there are, next to flies, especially for crappie and panfish. They can be molded into any shape you can get, or make a mold for, can have any combination of colors added to them, any combination of scents added, and are less expensive than using live bait. They have incredible action in the water, and since they ‘feel’ soft and [...]

3 crappie magazine reviews

Crappies are one of the most popular game fish sought out today by anglers of all skill levels and ages. They offer a lot of fun without any special or expensive equipment so they’re the perfect species for a beginner just learning how to fish including kids and the elderly. They’re small enough to handle but big enough to keep fishing interesting. Although they are fairly simple fish [...]

Five must have crappie products and gear

Crappies are a great fish to catch for sport no matter your age or skill level. These small fish are fairly easy to catch with a little guidance making them a great starter fish. However, most anglers want to continue catching them even after they become an experienced angler because they’re a lot of fun to reel in and they taste great. Crappies are generally around one pound but can grow as [...]

Four fishing tips to catch a record crappie

Crappie, papermouth, croppie, slabs or white perch- it doesn’t matter what you call them, everyone enjoys catching them. In fact, many people decide that crappie are the fish they want to seek out every chance they get and through that decision comes those seeking help in catching a record crappie. Before you head out to the lake you should learn everything you can about crappie fishing. After [...]

5 fishing tactics to become a crappiemaster

Crappie fishing is a sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or skill level. Crappies are a small species that’s fairly easy to catch. They usually average about one pound but under the right conditions, they can weigh around five pounds. For this reason, they are the perfect species to fish when on a family fishing trip or when teaching someone how to fish for the first time. Since they’re [...]

Four reasons to read the crappie fishing report

There are four main reasons why I suggest that you read the fishing report. Then you will be able to get the best information from it. Fishing has to do more with being well prepared than it does with luck. Too many people don’t know that, and they get out there for the day with nothing but their bait, tackle, and a few prayers. If you want to get those large sized fish, you have to tip the scale [...]

Four crappie fishing tips to be a better angler

There are two types of crappie fish, the white and the black crappie. Surprisingly, they’re not really named after their colors because they are similar with the black crappie only being a little darker in shade but instead they’re named for their markings. A white crappie has seven to nine noticeably dark vertical lines running down the sides of its body and they have 6 dorsal fins. The [...]

What to look for in the Lake Erie Perch Report

The perch is a small species that seem to flourish in Lake Erie. You won’t need any special gear to catch them and they’re a lot of fun to reel in. Therefore, a number of different types of anglers seek them out. Perch are usually located on or near the bottom of the water. However, it really depends on the time of year when you go fishing. Sometimes, they’ll be scattered out all [...]

Where and how was the South Carolina state crappie record caught

South Carolina is a beautiful state with many exciting things to see and do and crappie fishing is one of them. Crappies are a great little species that’s a lot of fun to catch. They are a member of the sunfish family and they can be found in all types of waters. They are known by different names depending on where you’re fishing such as the papermouth, speckled perch, bridge perch and [...]

Crappieusa Kids Rodeos

The Crappie USA kid’s rodeo is a fishing tournament for children from age 0 to 12. They have various age divisions up to 7 and then from 8 to 12. All kids get something for participating and there are great prices for the overall winners. These activities are to help promote family activities that are affordable. This isn’t something that you have to pay a ton of money for. Going to the [...]
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