Five perch fishing techniques

4.       Know Where to Fish – The perch can be found in different depths but you’ll usually get the best results when fishing in waters ranging from six to fifteen feet deep. They are a school fish that moves around a lot so if the bites stop, it would be safe to save they are on the move and it’s time for you to move as well. The perch can be found around docks, piers, lily pads, weed beds and similar structures where they can find cover.

5.       Start Fishing From the Outside of the School – When you find a school of perch, start fishing from the outside of the group and work your way in towards the center. This way, you’ll get more bites before they scatter and move to a new location.

Anytime you’re fishing a new area, take the time to get a map or explore the area to learn as much as you can about it. Talk to the local fishermen and ask for advice about the perch fishing in the area. Most of them will be more than happy to share their knowledge. You can also check fishing reports for the area by going online and these are filled with all types of useful information.

One of the first things that you’ll learn about the perch is that you’ll need to set the hook with a sharp snap of the wrist but try not to jerk too hard. If you do, you may jerk the hook right through the mouth because they are very fragile.

You’ll need to do some experimenting to find out which tackle works the best in different situations for this species and how to set the hook the right way. When you’re going fishing for the sheer thrill of reeling in a nice catch, the perch is an excellent choice.

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