Four reasons to read the crappie fishing report

There are four main reasons why I suggest that you read the fishing report. Then you will be able to get the best information from it. Fishing has to do more with being well prepared than it does with luck. Too many people don’t know that, and they get out there for the day with nothing but their bait, tackle, and a few prayers.
If you want to get those large sized fish, you have to tip the scale in your favor. You have to be able to use the information offered for a specific fishing location to your advantage. That won’t guarantee you get any fish, but it will certainly reduce the chances of you going home empty handed. I always look at the fishing reports, and you can find them locally as well as online.

When to go Fishing

Timing is everything in my book when it comes to fishing. The fishing report is going to tell you when to get busy with that activity. Sometimes, it will be very early in the morning. It can be at dusk or late at night. It all depends on the type of fish, the time of year, and the temperatures.

It makes perfect sense to go fishing at the time of day or night when you have the very best chances of catching fish. You don’t want to be sitting out there for hours at a time before you get a nibble.

Where to Fish

Location is also a big part of fishing. You want to know the specific part of a lake or river where you should be at. Some of those bodies of water can be many miles wide. You don’t want to be out there hoping that you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Once you find out where to go, you want to get their early to reserve your spot. Keep in mind that other people are going to be reading those fishing reports too. You don’t want to arrive and find that all of the good places around that area are already consumed with people.

Size of the Fish

The size of the fish that people are catching in a given location is something you will get from the fishing report as well. You may be very encouraged to go to a given spot to fish once you find out those sizes. It is certainly more entertaining to be out there reeling in the larger ones than those little ones. Still, fishing is always fun no matter what you catch at the end of the day.

Bait to Use

There is no shortage of types of bait out there that you can use for fishing. You don’t want to have to guess about which of them you should be using. Instead, you want to make sure you have the supplies you need. From the fishing report you will also be able to find out what types of bait people have been using in order to get the fish they are after.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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