How to choose a crappie pole

Crappie Tackle Information
The crappie is a small fish so it’s important to keep your tackle small for the best results. They have small fragile mouths and if you use tackle that is too big they won’t be able to take your offering. Be careful setting the hook as well because if you pull too hard the hook can pull through their mouths. Some of the best hooks to use are the number 6 long-shank hooks. Make sure they are sharp and in good condition.

Some of the best artificial lures to use when fishing for this species include jigs, small poppers, spinnerbaits and streamers. The crappie can see very well so the color that you use is also important. Try different ones to find out which colors work the best depending on the time and place you go fishing. The color chart is a good guide to go by but nothing beats experimenting.

Light monofilament fishing line is recommended for catching crappies. Since they can see so well they may be able to see anything heavier and it will scare them away. Using the right tackle and a good crappie fishing pole should help to increase the amount of success you have each time you hit the water.

Most of the time you can find crappies hiding out around all types of structures such as brush, stumps, trees, docks, grassy areas and weeds. Sometimes they may even be suspended underneath baitfish looking for an easy meal. They travel in schools so when you’ve located one there should be more nearby.

Once you find the right crappie pole you should see your catches increase. This is what every fisherman wants to see even if you just go out every once in awhile. The more fish you catch the more exciting and fun it becomes and having the right gear makes all the difference in the world.

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