Illinois Crappie Fishing

The 18,900-acre Rend Lake may actually be the best location for Illinois crappie fishing in the entire state, drawing anglers from all over the Midwest. In early spring, shallow brush is the best location to find large quantities of crappie, and unlike some lakes in Illinois, you can catch decent sized crappie (1 to 1 ½ pounds) through the end of June. As do many lakes in Illinois, Rend Lake has a 10-inch minimum and a 25 fish per day maximum.

The Lake of Egypt in Williamson County is another fine hot spot for Illinois crappie fishing. Crappie enthusiasts claim that you can collect your limit in two hours easily, with the majority of your catch weighing in at over 2 pounds. Try the shoreline grasses and woods in February and the coves full of brush in March and April for the best catch around.

North and South Spring Lakes are excellent places to find large schools of crappie. Most are within the 9-11-inch range, though it’s not unheard of to reel in a 15-inch specimen from these lakes. Wax worms, minnows, and small jigs are the most popular baits to use here.

Overall, Illinois crappie fishing is highly recommended for enthusiasts who are looking for a large and easy catch to take home. Fish any one of a number of lakes and go home happy!

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