Lake Toho Crappie Fishing

The same goes for the tactics that you use, bait and lures you choose and even the depths at which you fish. Planning and preparation help but sometimes it comes right down to “trial and error” on a particular day. You have to give different things a chance until you find something that is successful for you.

You can increase your chances of catching crappie by varying the depth of water in which you drop your baits. Crappie are well known for varying the depths in which they enjoy biting. What works one day may be completely off the next so you have to feel around with different depths until you find a hot spot. Once you do, however, you will see that the fish are abundant and they remain at that depth, at least for the day’s worth of fishing anyway.

Once you go out again on another day, you may have to vary your depths again until you find your “hot spot” where the crappie are biting for the day. Many crappie also respond well to artificial lures and brightly colored baits. They are able to see colors, particular in clear waters or a clear day and respond often to yellows, oranges, reds and other bright colored baits and jigs.

Where to Fish for Crappie in Lake Toho

Again, exactly where in the lake you fish will depend on different factors such as your experience, the season and what type of fish you are going for. The lake has a 6-lane boat ramp with a floating courtesy dock which can be accessed on Lakeshore BLVD. You can use this to access the lake and then travel to whatever location you have in mind to fish in. If you’d like to find more information about Lake Toho fishing and the fish camps in the area, you can contact the Kissimmee Fisheries office at (407) 846-5300. You can also find maps and other guides and information such as crappie fishing reports online to help you.

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