Lake Weiss Crappie Fishing

Tips and Advice for Crappie Fishing at Lake Weiss

What kind of tips and advice can you find for crappie fishing at LakeWeiss? First it is important that you know when you will be going. The time of year, season and time of day can all have an impact on how you fish for crappie and where the crappie will be located in the water.

There are some special regulations and guidelines to fishing at LakeWeiss that must be taken into consideration when you head out for a day of crappie fishing.

“It is legal to possess 30 white bass, yellow bass, saltwater striped bass and hybrid (striped) bass or combinations of any size.”

In addition to these three regulations, there are some other state regulations of particular interest to Weiss Lake anglers:

It is a violation of Alabama law for any person to transport more than one day’s creel limit of game fish beyond the boundaries of this state.

It is a violation of Alabama law for any person to fillet a fish while fishing, or to possess fillets of fish while on public waters except when fish are being prepared for immediate cooking and consumption; provided however, that fish may be drawn or gutted with heads left attached.

How to Find More Information

Now you know the basics but how can you find more information such as frequently updated fishing reports for Lake Weiss? There are websites and reports which you can request and sign up for regular updates and reports on the Lake and the weather and other conditions that you can expect there.

Lake Weiss crappie are both abundant and large. The lake has a 10 inch size limit and a 30 fish per person creel limit, you can have a wonderful and abundant fishing day at Lake Weiss. Fishing seasons atLake Weiss run from January to May and September to early December.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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