Mississippi Crappie Fishing

Flint Creek Water Park is regarded as the best Mississippi crappie fishing location year round. The 1,000-acre body of water is far south and is the largest lake in the Pat Harrison Waterway system. The depth of the lake – some 40-50 feet in various areas – assists in making it a favored south Mississippi location, as few lakes are so deep in the south. In January and early February, you can find huge numbers of crappie resting in these deep holes. Troll the deep areas off the dam with several hooks and lots of minnow, and you are guaranteed to hit a large school of crappie.

Maynor Creek Water Park is in the same waterway system and is another great source for Mississippi crappie fishing in the winter months. A ledge is formed by the creek channel at the lower third of the lake, and you’ll find a great turnout by trolling minnows right along the ledge.

As a whole, Mississippi crappie fishing is often at its best in the winter months and can be a great place for anglers who don’t get much action at home in the cold to spend a weekend out on the lake, wearing long johns and wrapped in heavy winter coats!

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