Oregon Crappie Fishing

The lakes on Sauvie Island, twenty minutes east of the downtown Portland area, are prime locations for Oregon crappie fishing.

In the Salem area, you’ll also find satisfactory lakes to feed your need for Oregon crappie fishing. Cascade Gateway Park is full of lakes that are popular summer fishing holes for crappie. Walker Wirth Lake, Mill Stream, and Bluegill Lake are all prime fishing areas, with Walter Wirth being the premier location for crappie. Minto-Brown Park, in the Minto-Brown Island complex of the Willamette River, is an excellent location to find a great crop of crappie. You can even take the whole family, regardless of interest in fishing, because other members of the family can participate in other summer water activities, such as swimming. Hiking and exploration are also interesting activities in the area for non-fishermen that insist on accompanying you. This area even has a handicap fishing pier for disabled anglers.

Throughout the year, you may be able to enjoy Oregon crappie fishing, but for those who don’t wish to brave the bitter cold of winter, you’ll definitely have a better outcome in spring and summer months. The southern states are better for winter fishing, so stick to what’s comfortable for you.

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