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How can I find the South Carolina state record for crappie?

You can go to

The State Record White Crappie was caught by Mrs. H. P. Owens of Columbia, SC, from Lake Murray in 1949. It weighed 5 lbs, 1-oz.
The State Record Black Crappie was caught by P. E. Foust ( residents of the Carolinas must only have initials for first names…) of High Point, NC, from Lake Moultrie in 1957. It weighed 5 lbs. even.

State records for fish are maintained by the individual state’s Fish and Game Administration organization. Criteria for qualifying for a record catch may vary some from state-to-state. National and International records are maintained by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), and are published yearly. The criteria for qualifying for a record is consistent, and a fish can qualify for both a state record, and IGFA record at the same time.

Generally, rules for qualifying for a state record are as follows:
1. The fish must have been caught in the waters of that state, by legal, non-commercial means, by the person claiming the record.
2. A representative of the states Fish and Game management organization must personally witness the official weighing.
3. The exact species must be determined by a Department biologist.
4. Application for a record must be made within 60 days of the catch, with accompanying photos and required information.
5. The application can be rejected if there is reasonable doubt, for any reason.

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