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KENTUCKY LAKE- Kentucky Lake is a great destination for any avid fisherman. When fishing on Kentucky Lake, you should focus on the ends of the creeks attached to the lake, and in the shallow areas within the bays. Also, look for places with plenty of vegetation and cover.

Since Kentucky Lake is technically found in both Tennessee and Kentucky, the lake had to fall under reciprocal licensing agreement. The licensing agreement allows fisherman with a Tennessee fishing license to fish north of the border. However, there is so much water for fishing on the Tennessee side, that you do not really need to cross the border. However, if it happens, you are protected.

The most popular way of fishing on Kentucky Lake seems to be fly fishing. You may find some great action by using a small popping bug or foam spider with a dropper.

FAMILY FISHING LAKES- If you consider fishing a family affair, you may want to consider the Family Fishing Lakes. The Family Fishing Lakes are managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

The 18 lakes in the Family Fishing Lakes program, which are scattered through the western and central parts of the state, are managed for maximize productivity, causing the fish available in the lake to grow rapidly. Each lake offers a large amount of banks, piers, bathrooms, and even picnic areas for your family. If you do not have a boat, you many considering renting one, as each lake has inexpensive boat rental.

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