Toledo Bend Crappie Fishing: Fishing Tips for This Area


The spring season for crappie on Toledo Bend Lake is from March through May. During this time of year, you will find your crappie catch along grassy areas in creeks and coved areas. Look for deep water nearby. If you scout the creek lines using sonar, you will easily locate brush tops and bait fish, and the crappie are sure to be close by during the spring season. Try throwing 1/32 ounce jigs adjacent to the brush line, or fish the tops of the brush in creeks vertically, with jigs or shiners. This is perhaps the easiest time of the year to catch crappie because of the readily accessible location.


The summer season is from June to August. During this time of year, you should try fishing in ten to fifteen feet of water in channel and slough areas of the creeks on Toledo Bend Lake. Seek out naturally or planted brushy areas for best success. Fishing these areas with jigs and shiners will maximize your catch potential. Summer is also a good time for crappie fishing.


The fall season is from September to November. During this time of the year, the crappie on Toledo Bend Lake begin moving from the deeps of the creeks to the channels. The Northern most part of the lake is usually the most productive in the earlier part of the season. As fall deepens and the temperatures get cooler, you will see the crappie move southward alongside the channels. Use 1/32 jigs or shiners in brush tops in twelve to twenty feet of water for good results.


The winter season is from December to January. You should pay close attention, during this time, to areas of about fifteen to twenty-five feet, ledges, and brushy areas. Look further south as the weather gets colder. When the fish are found in deeper water, shiners seem to give good results.

One final hint for fishing Toledo Bend Lake for crappie is to fish the ‘Chicken Coop’ a particularly populated area of crappie rich water on the old river channel that sees anglers catch their limit time after time. This is an ideal location for anyone looking to catch their limit or to just see the crappie at their best. Chances are that this particular spot is a prime fishing location so get your place as early as you can. It is sure to keep you happy!

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