Virginia Crappie Fishing

For good Virginia crappie fishing in the northern mountain region, head up to Lake Arrowhead. Though it is extremely small at only 34 acres, there are reports of crappie up to fourteen inches in length being caught here. The lake is quite stained due to an over abundance of organic matter, which adds to the appeal for crappie, who prefer muddier waters. You may also take advantage of Virginia crappie fishing at Skidmore Reservoir, a 118-acre waterhole near Harrisonburg. Here, almost all crappie are over a pound, and several over two pounds can be found in a day’s work. You may want to target areas near beaver lodges and use small minnows for best results. Don’t forget Bath County Recreation Ponds, either. Here, you can fish 45 acres on the upper pond and 27 acres on the lower pond from the shoreline, resulting in catching slabs that can average as large as twelve inches.

You may also find excellent Virginia crappie fishing in northern Piedmont, especially in creek beds, such as Dogue Creek and Aquia Creek off the Potomac River. Obviously, there is no lack of plentiful Virginia crappie fishing, and you can have a good time and a great catch in all parts of the state.

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