What are crappie nibbles?

A fellow fisherman suggested using “crappie nibbles”. What are they are how do you use them?

Crappie nibbles are bait that is the size of a small pellet which is perfect for crappie hooks or small lures.   Most Crappie fishermen use them to tip their jigs.  The consistency of a Crappie nibble is similar to that of a marshmallow.  They will dissolve slowly in the water and give off a scent that attracts Crappie and apparently makes them very aggressive.  The nibbles can be purchased in several colors including chartreuse, yellow, platinum and red.  You can also buy nibbles that actually have sparkles in them.  As the nibble dissolves, the sparkles are released into the water and resemble floating minnow scales.  Since Crappie are known to “scale” a minnow before it swallows it, the flecks in the water are supposed to make the Crappie think that other minnows have been eaten in the area.  According to most Crappie fishermen, using the Nibbles will increase the number of bites per hour.  The most common complaint about the Crappie Nibble is that they can get messy.  To minimize this, I’d suggest taking several of the nibbles out of the jar and letting them sit in the air while you’re fishing.  A little drying of the outside makes them a little easier to put on the hook.  You can purchase nibbles at most sporting goods stores.

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7 Responses to “What are crappie nibbles?”

  1. Walt says:

    I was crappie fishing a while back and I was doing ok. I caught some on a road runner and a couple on a jig. Then this guy walks up, takes his jig and puts on a crappie nibble and bingo, he has one. Well, while I caught 3, he got a limit of 37! Since then, I have been using them with great success!


  2. Caleb Davidson says:

    I was fishing at a local lake and was told by the warden himself that crappie didnt exist in it. I went ahead and gave it a shot though.I had no luck with jigs so i went to the store and bought some nibbles. I put those on a hook and ended up catching about 17 crappie in two hours! I showed the game warden my catches and he couldnt beleive it. Trust me, they make all the difference.

  3. Dwayne Smotherman says:

    I have used crappie nibbles for about 4 years. And I’m telling you, if you fish a crappie jig. You will catch more with the jig tipped with a crappie nibble. If I’m out of nibbles, I wont go until I get more. The only problem I have is, at the end of my day of crappie fishing. I look like I have been playing with Barbie glamour girl. I usually have sparkles all over my face and hands. People laugh, until I pull out a stringer full of 18 inch crappie. It will be the best 4 bucks you’ve spent on fishing. Have fun and take a kid fishing.

  4. Crappie nibbles are the biggest scam that ever existed. I used them forever and while catching a lot of fish, as of the past 3 years I’ve deducted them from my arsenal. Case and point. Friend of mine was fishing with 30 boats around them. Most using crappie nibbles. He was the only one using a new kind with sparkles in them. He was also the only one catching fish. He claims “man them things are awesome”, the fish smell them and bite them. Well not true, if everyone was using them and they all smell the same, seems to me that they were biting yours because of color, not smell. The whole purposed behind a crappie nibble is smell. So throw that theory out the window. They don’t work. If you had the same color jig on there as crappie nibble with no nibble you would have caught fish like that still.

  5. Bono says:

    That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for conitrubting.

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