What do crappie eat?

You never really know what to expect so being prepared will help to make all of your fishing trips more productive. It’s important that you keep your bait small when seeking out the crappie. Since they are a small species they won’t go after any bait that is too large.

Great Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappies are known by a variety of different names such as the white bass, specks, slabs, speckled perch and the papermouth. They got the name papermouth because their mouths are so thin that if you pull too hard when you’re trying to set the hook, you can pull it right through their mouth. For this reason, it’s recommended that you use a quick snap of the wrist to set the hook.

Sometimes, it can be hard to feel the crappie take the bait so, it’s a good idea to be alert and pay attention to your line just in case they decide to strike it lightly. You have to be careful not to spook this species or you’ll send them swimming off in the opposite direction. It’s also a good idea to start fishing from the edge of school and work inward for the best results.

Crappies are a small fish that averages around five to six pounds and grow to about a foot in length. You can fish for crappies most anytime of the year, even in cool weather. The best time to fish for them will be in the early morning and the late evening. If you go fishing in the middle of the day, you’ll need to look for them in the deeper parts of the water. They hang out around all types of structures both man-made and natural because it provides them with shelter and there’s usually baitfish in the area.

When night fishing, it’s a good idea to fish off piers that have a light over the water or take along a lantern. The light will draw the baitfish to the area and the crappie will follow searching for a nice meal. When seeking out the crappie, don’t be afraid to do some experimenting. This is the best way to find out what methods will work the best in different situations. You might even discover that something works great that you never expected to do anything at all.

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