What you need to know about crappie beds

There are several factors that can effect the spawn. There are three main factors: Suface temperature, turbidity, and changes in water level. If crappie are staging, and a cold-front moves through, the fish will move back out, and try it again in a week of so, whenever conditions become favorable once again. If the fish are actually on the beds, and a cold-front moves through, or the lake level drops, crappie will abondon the nest, many times re-absobing their eggs, or eating them, and may not spawn at all that year. Or, they may make another attempt in a few weeks. Luckily, all crappie do not spawn at the same time, so it’s a good bet that no matter what happens, some crappie will be able to spawn successfully. And, due to their prolific nature, it is unlikley that we would ever run out of crappie, short of massive commercial fishing for them. Good news for anglers….

Happy fishing.

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