Where Did The White Perch Come From?

The young only take days to hatch.  This is why it only takes a few foreign white perch to change the eco system of any lake.  They are also hurting the White Bass population as they look very much like those fish.  They will interbreed and the result is a bass/perch hybrid that are really neither bass nor perch but a combination of both.  This is because this is not actually a perch, but a member of the bass family.

If you ever come across a White Bass in a lake or reservoir that it is not native too, you should keep the fish no matter how small it may be.  You will be doing these bodies of water a big favor in helping to eradicate this invader.  This is the reason you should never release the fish or introduce it to another lake, stream or reservoir.  As stated previously, it is illegal to do so.

Having said all that, White Perch are a fun little fish to catch in their native waters.  They are quite the fighters for their size and their flesh is very tasty to some.  They will strike readily on blood worms and other baits.  Many enjoy fishing for these perch in the lakes where they are naturally occurring.   They can get to be large if they have not been infected with any type of parasite.

These parasites will not affect the taste of the fish, only the rate with which the fish will grow.  The rest of the fish will be perfectly fine, but many do not want to eat a fish that has parasites that are visible.  When answering the question of where the White Perch came from, the best answer is the Atlantic Coast.  This is the only place where these fish are native.  If you find them in any other lake, they may be considered a foreign predator.  You may be required to kill these fish when you catch them instantly.

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